About Nutrient Complexes

Renew Your Skin Save Your Skin

Glow Nutrient ComplexNutrient Complexes
rejuvenate and protect while
addressing red, dry, scaly, sensitive, irritated,
acne-prone, aged and discolored skin.


Safe and Effective Topical Formulas …

Experience for yourself what Dr. Lamothe’s
patients have found to be powerful skin
care performance!


Why Naturopathic Dermatology Complexes?

• All natural and biodegradable

• No parabens, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, harsh detergents or sulfites

• No synthetic or added fragrances

• No propylene glycol, petroleum or mineral oil

• No animal testing or use of ingredients that cause harm to animals

• Natural preservative system to maintain freshness

• Each product is a two in one: a superior moisturizer and unique nutritive serum combined in one light and silky cream

• Formulated by Dr. Christa Lamothe based upon her
experience as a Naturopathic Physician specializing in
dermatological care


 More useful information about Nutrient Complexes:

  • A little goes a long way!  Our products need only to be applied sparingly to be effective.  For best results, obtain a small amount on cleansed finger tips and gently massage onto skin, paying extra attention to areas of concern.
  • Nutrient Complexes can be used on the skin of the face and body. 
  • Minor batch inconsistencies in the color and texture of our topicals may be seen and these inconsistencies do not affect the usefulness or the application of our products.  Actually, we feel they add to their uniqueness and show how we use only natural ingredients!   For example, during the production of many skin care products, chemicals such as propylene glycol are used to help with the solubility of particular ingredients.  As we do not use propylene glycol or other synthetic agents in the the production of our topicals, we have devised creative, natural ways to handle solubility issues.   Sometimes our raw materials vary slightly from batch to batch, and this can cause minor variations in a final product's color and texture.