Heidi Grenzner-Herzog, L.E., L.Ac.

Heidi Grenzner-Herzog
Heidi Grenzner-Herzog, L.E., L.Ac. carries warmth, knowledge, unique skills and thirty years of experience in the skin care and health fields.
She performs Dr. Lamothe's personalized Facial Treatments and offers relaxing, wellness acupuncture.

Having always had a passion for skin, Heidi became an aesthetician at the age of nineteen. Having personally experienced chronic skin conditions, she searched for a more holistic approach and felt that East Asian Medicne held many answers. She finished her Master's in East Asian Medicine in 1998 at NIAOM. Heidi and Christa met over a decade ago as their quest for creating unique and effective means of attaining healthy skin brought them together. Heidi understands the complexities of skin health and is able to help you with a personalized skin care regimen and Facial Treatment - Naturopathic Dermatology style!

Email to reserve your Facial Treatment with Heidi: Heidi@NaturopathicDermatology.com
Heidi will examine your facial skin and customize a treatment for you. First time clients receive a complimentary trial size kit of recommended skin care products to support your facial treatment. Notice a difference after one treatment. Come freshen-up, target your skin concerns and relax! For maximum benefits, weekly treatments recommended for one month and monthly maintenance treatments thereafter.        
30 minutes concentrated Facial Treatment:  $70 per treatment ($252 for a series of four).  
1) Revitalizing Enzyme Treatment
Decongest, smooth texture, brighten and revitalize skin. Appropriate for skin affected by acne, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, fine lines and oil imbalance (both dry and oily skin).
2) Antioxidant Treatment
A favorite for all skin types and the most popular for its multi-level rejuvenating and healing benefits. Vitamin C rich and ultra-hydrating. Offers a warming sensation as it works to gently exfoliate, encourage collagen production, fight free radicals, soften fine lines and deeply hydrate your skin.
3) Calming Treatment    
Soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory treatment for rosacea-prone skin.
4) Niacinamide Rush    
Multi-benefit, warming treatment for hyperpigmentation, superficial scarring. Enlivens dull,
sallow skin; enhances ceramide-production supporting environmental protection and hydration properties.  
ADD-ON Lip & Eye Treatment - Nourishing, protective, rejuvenating $5
ADD-ON Relaxing Acupuncture Treatment -  $30 
ADD-ON High Frequency Treatment - Stimulates circulation, drains lymph, aids in relieving puffiness around the eyes and face. Also minimizes pore size and treats acne and folliculitis (including on the scalp) $10 - $20