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COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL CONSULTATION - to book an in-office, video or telephone consultation, please e-mail

Dr. Lamothe provides comprehensive medical consultation for women, men and children. This appointment is appropriate for those seeking an in-depth analysis including a thorough health intake, examination, diagnosis and treatment of medical skin conditions and related health concerns and support such as hormonal imbalance, digestive and immune health and diet and lifestyle therapy. This visit also addresses topical care.  In-office, telephone and video consultations are available.

First Office Visit (60 min.):  $240

Return Office Visit (30 min.):  $120

Extended Return Office Visit (up to 60 min.):  $180

We do not contract with or bill health insurance plans. Patient may self-submit to insurance plan. Many plans will provide reimbursement. Upon your request, we are happy to provide you with the appropriate form to self submit. Please check with your insurance carrier for reimbursement details of your plan.

SKIN CARE CONSULTATION - to book an in-office, video or telephone consultation, please e-mail

Learn how to topically care for and achieve healthy looking skin in a natural, non-invasive way. This visit is appropriate for those wishing to address general, topical skin care and rejuvenation and does not address underlying medical conditions or health problems. In-office and phone consultations are available.

30 minutes:  $120  NOTE: For those wishing to comprehensively address their skin and related health concerns, please book a Medical Consultation.


Heidi Grenzner-Herzog L.E., L.Ac. will examine your facial skin and customize a treatment for you. First time clients receive a complimentary trial size kit of recommended skin care products to compliment your facial treatment. Notice a difference after one treatment. For maximum benefits, weekly treatments recommended for one month and monthly maintenance treatments thereafter.                          

30 minutes:  $70 per treatment ($252 for a series of four).                          

1. Revitalizing Enzyme Treatment - Decongest, smooth texture, brighten and revitalize skin. Appropriate for skin affected by acne, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, fine lines and oil imbalance (both dry and oily skin).

2. Antioxidant Treatment - Vitamin C rich and ultra-hydrating. Offers a warming sensation as it works to gently exfoliate, encourage collagen production, fight free radicals, soften fine lines and deeply hydrate your skin.

3. Calming Treatment – Soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory treatment for rosacea-prone skin.

4. Niacinamide Rush – Multi-benefit, warming treatment for hyperpigmentation, superficial scarring. Enlivens dull, sallow skin; enhances ceramide-production supporting environmental protection and hydration properties.

ADD-ON Lip & Eye Treatment – Nourishing, protective, rejuvenating! $30

NOTE: Each Facial Treatment session lasts 30 minutes and does not address internal treatment of skin problems or underlying conditions. One may experience warming, tingling and mild stinging while certain treatments are administered. Heidi and Dr. Lamothe have taken care to design natural, rejuvenating treatments that are effective but do not cause down time with significant peeling. We recommend booking a session when you will not apply make-up or wash your face for the remainder of the day so the therapy may continue to work throughout the night. Appropriate for most skin types but those with highly sensitive, reactive skin or with a condition such as eczema, other types of dermatitis and infectious conditions should avoid until skin has healed.


A Procedure Appointment is solely for the removal of certain skin lesions and growths. Prior to making a procedure appointment, the lesion must first be examined during a Medical or Skin Care Consultation with Dr. Lamothe so that:

1.   The lesion can be examined to see if removal is appropriate or perhaps other treatment or a referral.

2.   The doctor will discuss types of removal options.

3.   The doctor will discuss preparation for the procedure appointment.

After the Initial Consultation, a Procedure Appointment may be scheduled.  The session lasts 45-60 minutes and consists of one or two 20-minute actual procedure time increments depending upon the type and quantity of removals needed.

Procedure:  $95 - $190                    

NOTE: Dr. Lamothe removes warts and small, cosmetic, benign lesions such as telangiectasia (superficial facial capillaries), “age spots” or “sun spots”, ruby points, seborrheic keratoses and skin tags.  She does not perform incision removals that may be warranted for larger, deeper growths and does not treat or remove cancerous growths. Referrals are made for management of lesions and growths which Dr. Lamothe does not treat.


We take the guesswork out of finding the right supplements, skin and personal care products for your needs. Each product we carry is chosen by Dr.Lamothe based upon her clinical experience in dermatology and general health care with regard to safety, quality and effectiveness.  With a background in the nutraceutical field, pharmaceutical compounding and formulating natural skin care, Dr. Lamothe pays special attention to finding the most therapeutic and safe products among the plethora of what is now available in the natural health field.  Rather than offering many, random, questionable products for the same concern, we have selected and tested the best formulations, eliminating confusion and assuring the highest quality available. In addition to skin care and supplements, we are pleased to carry DeVita Color Cosmetics, a completely natural, vegan and gentle line of make-up.  We have two DeVita tester stations and expert assistance to help you choose skin care, supplements and color cosmetics for your specific needs.  For those who cannot visit our office and boutique or simply wish to order products and have shipped, please visit our internet shop, e-mail or call for assistance.

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