Corrective Face Wash

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Appropriate for most skin types and daily use on face and neck. Lifts make-up, excess oils and debris. Unique combination of surfactant (oil-cutting) and cream-based cleansing action and charcoal thereby clarifies skin but is not harsh or drying. Compliments care for acne-prone skin, however suitable even for dry skin. That is just one of the reasons why it is so unique!

Reviewed by Gayle R, 07/29/2021

This cleanser is like none other that I’ve used. Generally, cleansers dry my skin if they are deep cleaning and if not, they don’t leave my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. This cleanser cuts the grease, so to speak, but leaves it feeling amazingly hydrated. It’s gentle (I have sensitive skin) and even removes my makeup. Sometimes if I have heavier makeup coverage, I will go over my face and neck with it twice and still my skin is super clean but not dry afterwards. A couple times a week I use one of Naturopathic Dermatology’s exfoliating face washes which act as a mild scrub for me but the rest of the time I use this one. It’s consistency is unique too as it has charcoal but is relatively thin and silky. It doesn’t have any added scent which I also like.

Shake gently before each use. Dr. Lamothe recommends gently massaging onto skin moistened with warm water. Rinse and immediately apply appropriate Nutrient Complex moisturizer. Use once or twice daily.