Skin Care System

Naturopathic Dermatology began as my private practice where I help patients holistically treat their skin conditions and associated health concerns. Early on into practicing, I found that in addition to addressing what is going on inside the body, proper skin care and topical applications can greatly affect treatment outcome. I realized the need for safe and effective skin care products as I was not able to find skin care that dually performed as my patients needed and did not contain harsh, synthetic ingredients. Having a background in pharmaceutical compounding and a creative itch, I decided to make the topical agents that I envisioned. Fueled by my patients’ overwhelmingly positive response to the products, I decided to make them available to everyone interested in natural skin care.

Today, Naturopathic Dermatology encompasses the Naturopathic Dermatology Skin Care System to support individuals in their pursuit of healthy skin and overall well-being.  Stay tuned as our new site develops. Sign up for our e-newsletter. New products will be launched in 2015 and we plan to provide you with exciting and helpful information regarding skin and whole person health!

To your health!

Christa Lamothe, ND